New bloggin

I'm sorry but Ive moved over to tumblr. God dam I am a slut??? But I wanted to give my site a new dirty look. Click on the picture to follow through to the new ends.

South Sydney here I come, the bigger the better !!!

Runamuck Visuals

Been doin the great around the sunshine coast since forever, these days he's global.
Go have a look at runamucks blog and for hours of streaming..

this should be illegal

frankie lee triple exposed


when the waves go on vacation and the recession is in full motion. Just head down to your local pub. You can waste all your money chasing a quick win, and even when you loose it all, there is a unlimited supply of paper and pencils to draw.


Just when you think youve seen how stupid the world can be, you find this???? fuck me????


My good friend Keith Hamlet has always been a great photographer. Never as a surf photographer, but as one of those guys that can see an image from far and capture than you can see with his cameras. These days he has started up a new website called fotos in noosa or FIN as he puts it. There is so many great photos of Noosa and its surroundings. Click on his logo above to check out the works.

Noosa festival 2010..the last run

rum in hand, killer heart burn and the boys caddying me around the point.. What a way to finish up my contest existence.


I disappeared down to Coolangatta this weekend to visit and attend the functions of the Wintersun Festival. Oh man I really had a great time, drinking beer, listening to Rockabilly, checking out loads of money pumped into classics. It's a shame that next year it's moving to Port macquaire.. Hopefully the gold coast people dont let such a great event leave. It's been such an anticipated event every year for me. !!!

off to work again.. 9 hrs a day, 6 days a week.. Just to get some money so I can get time and product to create some shit and feel good about myself.. "If only I had a sponsor that would give me some money, I'd become like a creative machine, if I had the chance?"

"I" do water fotagraphy..

Nick Nightmare and "I" went n shots some water shots the other day.. I took to the other end, and quite enjoyed myself. There is a slight addiction to the many moments that can happen behind the camera. So many things to think about.. This was my first day !!!

Sample +JAIDIVISION+ Tshirts

So I got like 20 sample shirts made up to see if the ole buggers I got to make em hold up enough to do the job.. If you want one..
Contact me @

SLIDE longboard Mag ISSuE::16

So I did an interview with wizz writer Tommy Leitch.. ( a good friend of mine )..
This is a few samples of the pages that unfold in the issue.
I was actually quite impressed with everything...
have a LOOK in your nearest news agency,


But Im back??? if anyone actually looks at this blog anyway???

Just been working hard to pay the bills.. get the thrills and hit the hills...
your all a great influence to me. People/humans/whatever we are these days..

a dawn, of a stroll

snippets of wonder, are dear
moments of amazement, unclear.
situations deep within
take snippets of moments away from sin.
based on any thought
any uncontrolled action
we stroll with what we think we know
we dance with fuel in our veins
we talk with our pupils based and glazed
fondle our deepest emotions
scare our creepiest fantasies
live expectable unsuspected
and divert all your dreams into realities.

Pat Capocci Live Again

This is a must to be on your calendar.

Pat Capocci Live Again

me girls...

this fantastic photo was taken with my holga. As you can see I forgot to roll the film over for a couple of shots.. Luckily it came out for the best..

previews of greats to look for

Here some great visuals coming soon, and may already be in your possession. I cant wait to watch all these. I do love my movies.

risen from sleep

I've escaped my eagerness to not use my computer.
Found myself back at a higher rate than usual.
When I was gone I grabbed myself a little camera by the makers of Holga.
This little beauty does not go astray.
Already taken like 20 photos and soon have them developed.
but for 50 bucks, dam it looks good on my self.

sedation has worn off

deep in my slumber, amongst the mass of life
due to strangeness and macabre.
Holding my breathe, caressing my victims
never lost sight of thee far.
Wounded, abused. Emotionally scared
pass the point of hesitation.
I found a hole, across a binary world.
step off, I can at any station.
blurry eyed, confused mind.
lets meet for a coffee or two
time tells, though now its over
was it really all true.

my inspiration

Music Matters - Nick Cave (23-3-10) from Music Matters on Vimeo.

it may come as a big shock when I say that one of the great inspirations in my life ( on a creative level ) is Nick Cave. So much self belief, so much confidence, so much product to come out of one person in one lifetime. As I am a very happy man ( which is ironic, being Nick Cave ) that he is still alive in my lifetime. I have seen him twice in my time and can not wait to see him again.

A street named after me??? in Noosa????

freeky HUH.. This is a new street in NoosaWaters.....
Mission of the week !!! to find out way this named this strange name ?

Andrew Brophy

This man is a cyclone coming through your streets, never actualy seen him skate in real life, but have hung out on multiple occasions..
Been checking out his shit simce I meet him and boy god the bastad can skate. Just have a look.

kodak x umbraluvas

The best thing about this picture is; the photograph that is behind the drawing is a hour long exposure of my local graveyard, on a full moon, near the stroke of midnight.
Unfortunately I left my camera in the sun; the film then decided to melt inside the camera. Least it didn't go to waste and it's got death written all over it.

dane peterson X Umbraluvas

found these pictures stuck on a lil USB stick. Almost fully forgot about these suckers.
This is my room ( or what was left of it after I had lived there for two years ) and can imagine what the people thought when I went to move out ????
Dane Peterson took these photos for my RYHTHM boardshort that came out halloween a couple of years back.

new art

Sneak preview of some art I just did for a mate of mine. Some paint and a bottle of rum later, my mate is loveing it !!!!!

photo form the younger days

This photo was given to me recently from a friend. Its a A4 photo and looks amazing pinned to my wall. I had almost forgotten about this trip to sydney back in the hay day. Let me think??? It was actually Thomas Cambells first art show down at "Monster Children". What a blast !!! I had some much fun that I almost forget the whole weekend???? hahahahaha
Now that is fun.
Anyway, these were good days and how fucking young do we look????


Neil Armstrong. The travelling guru who may pop up at any location at any time. Lurking in the corners of any break and sitting at most pubs talking the talk with the boys.
He really is a great photographer and the more I see these days the more I am impressed.
He has a site up and running.

Have a look.. take a trip and head to the moon.

Boogie Board Rider

The Grimz.. The man , the myth, the man. the boogie board rider?
Many questions are asked about people that dont know what there legs are for.
But Ive seen this man/boy use his legs for more homo sexual acts than surf manoeuvres.
Nick Nightmare and I agree. That the Grimz (Thomas Robinson) is the best boogie board rider to ride a old school shortboard this side of the missisipi.
Check out his blog Feast my brains..