Captain Fin Staff Xmas Bash

Had a great ole time at Joe's waterhole the other day with Pat Capocci, Nick Langley, Jimmy Lees and myself. Getting as pissed as ole farts and getting the best cab ride home ever !!!
Check out the photo's we found on the camera in the morning.


Tyler Hatzikian's Fin

Pat Capocci made his way up to Noosa this for a xmas bash at Joe's Waterhole.
Miss Weather also felt a bit of xmas cheer her self, making some nice little waves at the points.
Since it had been a donkey's year since I have surfed the points on my log I decided to try something a little different. I pulled out the Tyler Hatzikian Captain Fin to give it a whirl and god dam for a fin this size, I actually found it quite responsive and loose? which is weird. Though fucking awesome at the same time, it held in like it would never leave and turned with the precise flow to swoop around and come back all in one movement.
If your not into pivot turns and you like to flow out your turns this is the fin for you.

Australias Simple town Churches

I enjoy the common architecture of Australia's small town churches.
They are very haunting and malevolent in the strange calming way.
It seems that most have turned into housing's for the useless but thats what they were put there in for in the first place, yeah?

I took these photo's on me way down south of late.

ruined red hair

down by the riverside with your ruined red hair
a pocket full of pebbles and a bottle in one hand.
with the day breaking and the night to come
your ruined red hair glows so much fun.
Your eyes seem endless, depthless and black
the door way to your soul shut tight without a crack.
your hands lay jagged and long against my chest
your witch like features are pronounced without a rest.
come, come , come , you say
let's fest before we hit the grave
and dance like children against jewelled backdrops
flirting aimlessly with creatures until we pop.
give in to all temptation, pretend were in a dream
pretend that day life is nothing like it seems
"Can we give all we have to the taker"?
the man, the myth, the savour?
and prowl in the flicker of the light
holds hands and skip around this fire without a fright.
for this modern god has nothing to do with me?
please, please, please let your guard down please!!
for me, for me, for me !!
crying she dropped to her knees
and with all my might, for the illusions I had seen
she crafted the devil into my dreams.
cause then I woke sound asleep
about one foot above my bed, counting sheep.
a mild bruise on my side, proof of the night before.
my ruined red haired witch, nowhere to be seen, "Violet" I called.
panic swept over my stride.
" did I bring her back from the graveyard" I cried
but how could have I brought her back
when I had never left the house, never walked along the track
to the centre of the forest where a fire flickers in the night.
and they all dance like children without a fright.
confused and sort of abused
I lay back down
wondering if my imagination, my dreams all bound
will bring me back my ruined red haired witch
oh I miss this ruined red haired witch.

Captain Fin Sydney.

Myself and Captain Fin Co. Oz. Made it's way down to Sydney on the 12th of Dec.
Show was hosted by Insight, Raised By Wolves, Captain Fin Co. and a major help from Concrete Crayons for the Venue.

Check out all the pictures that I somehow seemed to gather in my drunken state.
check em @

2 days in.

take me on that ride

you said

take me far away

you said

and I said all I can say is

here is another bottle

to fantasise about anothers life.

though I said in gushed tones

that seconds turn to minutes

and then minutes to hours

hours become days and in a matter of time

days become years.

I said it again, that nothing is lost

I said so many times that nothing is lost

I said about how much nothing is lost cause I never had anything

to loose anyway

It's pathetic this day dream haze.

though so easy, though so fun, though so many smiles

though to many nights to think.

for why should a drunk man think?

for why should he think something he is never going to remember

cause remembering is the thought of memory

and my memory has no thought.

yet when Im drunk everything that seems to matter doesn't

and everything that doesn't matter seems to.?

its black an grey with a twist do make something blue.

it's something an misery loves company too.

Captain fin Finally makes it to Sydney.

Thanks heaps to "Raised by Wolves" and Insight for all their support.
The next few posts will be a collection of photos/ probably the worst but maybe the best.
I hope we survive.


Mixed Tape

In the process of pulling together a downloadable mixed tape.
Full of chants, squeals, screams and melodic hymns.
It's most probably all horror themed, it's most probably 50% shit that you'll want to cover your eyes and your ears and think, are you fucking serious???
But maybe, just maybe, one track will end and the next will start and you'll forget all the shit you had just listened to and just adore one song.
As thats the magic of music, though all the crap there is always something that smells nice.

Happy Noodle Boy

(click on picture to have a read)
I used to read this comic as a child. and holy fuck this shit used to make me smile for days.
It's from a series of stories about johnny the homicidal manic.
if your into the psychotic imagination of an outsider you'll love this shit.