Just when you think youve seen how stupid the world can be, you find this???? fuck me????


My good friend Keith Hamlet has always been a great photographer. Never as a surf photographer, but as one of those guys that can see an image from far and capture than you can see with his cameras. These days he has started up a new website called fotos in noosa or FIN as he puts it. There is so many great photos of Noosa and its surroundings. Click on his logo above to check out the works.

Noosa festival 2010..the last run

rum in hand, killer heart burn and the boys caddying me around the point.. What a way to finish up my contest existence.


I disappeared down to Coolangatta this weekend to visit and attend the functions of the Wintersun Festival. Oh man I really had a great time, drinking beer, listening to Rockabilly, checking out loads of money pumped into classics. It's a shame that next year it's moving to Port macquaire.. Hopefully the gold coast people dont let such a great event leave. It's been such an anticipated event every year for me. !!!

off to work again.. 9 hrs a day, 6 days a week.. Just to get some money so I can get time and product to create some shit and feel good about myself.. "If only I had a sponsor that would give me some money, I'd become like a creative machine, if I had the chance?"

"I" do water fotagraphy..

Nick Nightmare and "I" went n shots some water shots the other day.. I took to the other end, and quite enjoyed myself. There is a slight addiction to the many moments that can happen behind the camera. So many things to think about.. This was my first day !!!

Sample +JAIDIVISION+ Tshirts

So I got like 20 sample shirts made up to see if the ole buggers I got to make em hold up enough to do the job.. If you want one..
Contact me @

SLIDE longboard Mag ISSuE::16

So I did an interview with wizz writer Tommy Leitch.. ( a good friend of mine )..
This is a few samples of the pages that unfold in the issue.
I was actually quite impressed with everything...
have a LOOK in your nearest news agency,


But Im back??? if anyone actually looks at this blog anyway???

Just been working hard to pay the bills.. get the thrills and hit the hills...
your all a great influence to me. People/humans/whatever we are these days..