Just Imagine??

That everyday we woke to this strange day, the day we try to scare off the dead with our ghoulish antics.
Run the streets wild with our imagination, and creep into your parents nightmares to scare them shitless.
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Let your spirits roam free and scare the shit out of me.

JaiDivision Clothing

So, as of now, in this present, this moment and from then on.
I will be working on a sample range for + jaidivision +
Consisting of a various garments, from board shorts to baseball shirts.
I am hopeing by the end of this year it will be available on my website.
As i am designing these to hopefully export to Japan by may.
Keep posted on this shitty blog to see updates and various situations under the substance I put myself in to get inspired.

el ultimo cristiano murio en la cruz hackere

Ive been doing a little flirting with google of late. I like to type in random shit and see what is out there in the big bad world.
I typed in the quote above that was written on my website when it was hacked.
This is where it gets even better, it means

"the last christian died on the cross"

quoted by one of my favourite philosophers Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.
I am still so confused why they would hack my site and leave that when clearly my site doesnt sit along the lines of anything religious???

any thoughts?

Mixed Madness

Kabam, Kapang.. sham sham shamwoah?
Ive sneaky slashed together a 30 minute mixed Mp3 for ya folks.
Seein as there was a few of ya's that enjoyed the last, I've cut the crap, wiped me privates and sent my eyes square in front of me skimmy box.
Some fav's are in this one from Brian Eno, the Cure, to Love and Rockets and the Residents.
There's many more and if you want a song list, through us a comment below and I'll post the bastard. Hope you hurt your ears and calm your nerves.

Download ... Mixed Madness

JaiDivision has been hacked


hacked by mexicans, click on the link on the side bar and check it out.
how awesome are they, hacking a website with absolutely nothing for them on it.
wouldnt a bank or something worth the trouble be better !!!
you rule !!!!
Kl4nx for life amigo
mactheripper, mactheripper. you so good to me...

Sebastians Voodoo

since my love for horror cinema has gone a bit to far for us sausage eating beer drinking legends here in Australia.
I am constantly watching rumours crap all over the internet.
recently they had the short film festival in Canada and here's what won.
fuck me she's a beauty..

script from my skull

in an evening of filth I disguised my purity

to shallow what was not mine

to the splattered backdrop in this rhyme

I do bring myself so much cruelty.

as in the midst of night I pretend to cry

to ambush everything that is not mine

to the fucked up backdrop in this rhyme

continuously asking myself, WHY?

full moon dance

so it's been a few, I've actually totally pissed off my computer for a few days, which makes me feel humble and hungover on the inside.
The waves have been pumping and I have been doodling on a board for the trade show in Japan this year. Check out the love. If anyone is keen ever to get some art on their board, swings us an email and maybe we can work nothing out ...