Neil Armstrong. The travelling guru who may pop up at any location at any time. Lurking in the corners of any break and sitting at most pubs talking the talk with the boys.
He really is a great photographer and the more I see these days the more I am impressed.
He has a site up and running.

Have a look.. take a trip and head to the moon.

Boogie Board Rider

The Grimz.. The man , the myth, the man. the boogie board rider?
Many questions are asked about people that dont know what there legs are for.
But Ive seen this man/boy use his legs for more homo sexual acts than surf manoeuvres.
Nick Nightmare and I agree. That the Grimz (Thomas Robinson) is the best boogie board rider to ride a old school shortboard this side of the missisipi.
Check out his blog Feast my brains..

New Board, New fin

So this is me new board. A Classic Malibu "jai lee" noserider with some alterations. I pulled the wide point back 8' to give her some hips and pulled the nose in to about 161/4'. She is all lady and I'm about to try her with Scotty Stopniks "Flyer" D fin.
I think I might be preparing myself for some slip sliding and bogeying all the way to the shore.

Dane Petersons House

For someone who actually only lives down the road from me. I went to Dane Petersons house for the first time the other day. A purchased house on the outer realms of coolum beach. My opinion, its a beautiful residence, in Alex's "It's like a surf museum" and I agree,. there is surf stuff everywhere. It's very easy to be amused..


The T, to the Moe, back to the hill..
A great inspiration in my life, through art, but mainly through his way of life.
So informative, so forward, so nice and if you have any idea of what you want to do with your life, hell make you wanna do it, if you dont, hell make you feel like you wanna find something.

He is having a new art show in San Fransisco starting this april. If you do hapen to be in that area, which I think most peeps who look at this live in Oz.
Check it out at this gallery

Noosa Paloosa

so we are slowly pulling ourselves together at the end of each day. With our eyes hangin out of our head and our mouths dry from the salt of the water all day. We seem to fall asleep into the deep abyss after too many hours of surfing.
There is a reason I havent posted much of late. That is because the surf is fucking rolling through the points like never before. ( It is a shame that the contest happeens to be on and everyone man and he's little dog is out there.)

early morning sesh.

there wasnt much surfing goin on.. at all.....

No Waves, some love

check it out, I am going to be. Should be fun.


lovely brands that Im am stoked to be involved with..

jared hits the dark corners of noosa

Jared Mellsklin. Is here. Looking more fabulous than ever. We have some swell, not the greatest wind. But some swell in Noosa is better the the offshore winds at the local pub sometimes. Least now we have a choice and can do both.
Anyway check out jared's new blog at Insight

He's posting shit everyday, he loves his new camera so you'll see a bit more action photo's cause I'm always looking for something dead or dying to take a photo of.


six feet deep.

Pictures. yes, ummm...The delight. Took these at a random cemetery on the the costal highway to sydney. The strange thing was? that all the houses that surrounded this cemetery had balconies like the cemetery was a beach or something? Just sitting there looking over it, wow!!! what a view this is people, where old and we look over the dead.

the BU, how I miss you

CJ Nelson just sent me this pic.. That's a good feeling walking through that entrance and seeing the BU lining up just oh so prettily. Thank you Mr. Cobblestone for creating perfection.

Death of Bunny Munro

There is reason, yes there is! A reason that I leave this computer's side after a hard days work. There is a reason, I'm not watching youtube, documentaries and surfing. That's cause I love to read. I don't get to read that much these days, as I am the family man, bring in the coin, to fill our bellies, and catch the poo that escapes Frankies bum.
I just finished reading "The Death Of Bunny Munro". A new feature by one of my favourite people in existence, Nick Cave.
It's a much more simpler read than thought, as nick knows the many words of the english language. It's perverted, inverted, sad and motivating. It captures the inner essence of how sick a man can be, it captures the moments of his everyday. We are all really just a pack of animals anyway and we were put here to breed, some just repress while some let the devil ride and steer both heads into the abyss...Thankyou for the dreams Nick.

starting off with some painting..

started this painting the other day... It's raining,, it's quite and finally the little demons in my head can come out and play.
It's better than paying $200 a hour for some bitch to tell me whats wrong.