my inspiration

Music Matters - Nick Cave (23-3-10) from Music Matters on Vimeo.

it may come as a big shock when I say that one of the great inspirations in my life ( on a creative level ) is Nick Cave. So much self belief, so much confidence, so much product to come out of one person in one lifetime. As I am a very happy man ( which is ironic, being Nick Cave ) that he is still alive in my lifetime. I have seen him twice in my time and can not wait to see him again.

A street named after me??? in Noosa????

freeky HUH.. This is a new street in NoosaWaters.....
Mission of the week !!! to find out way this named this strange name ?

Andrew Brophy

This man is a cyclone coming through your streets, never actualy seen him skate in real life, but have hung out on multiple occasions..
Been checking out his shit simce I meet him and boy god the bastad can skate. Just have a look.

kodak x umbraluvas

The best thing about this picture is; the photograph that is behind the drawing is a hour long exposure of my local graveyard, on a full moon, near the stroke of midnight.
Unfortunately I left my camera in the sun; the film then decided to melt inside the camera. Least it didn't go to waste and it's got death written all over it.

dane peterson X Umbraluvas

found these pictures stuck on a lil USB stick. Almost fully forgot about these suckers.
This is my room ( or what was left of it after I had lived there for two years ) and can imagine what the people thought when I went to move out ????
Dane Peterson took these photos for my RYHTHM boardshort that came out halloween a couple of years back.

new art

Sneak preview of some art I just did for a mate of mine. Some paint and a bottle of rum later, my mate is loveing it !!!!!

photo form the younger days

This photo was given to me recently from a friend. Its a A4 photo and looks amazing pinned to my wall. I had almost forgotten about this trip to sydney back in the hay day. Let me think??? It was actually Thomas Cambells first art show down at "Monster Children". What a blast !!! I had some much fun that I almost forget the whole weekend???? hahahahaha
Now that is fun.
Anyway, these were good days and how fucking young do we look????