mixed tape DONE !!!

so folks, I've finally had a little spare time and smashed together a lil' mix tape.
I may warn, it's a lil' goth a lil' dark but some of you may find the beauty in it.
Songs range from

The Birthday Party
Dead man's bones
The Drowning Men
Tones on Tail
Joy Division

in that order if I remember correctly.
download the load here..

and remember you'll never know what else may poop itself out

2003: the year of drawing (I think?)

so I found an old drawing book ( maybe a riddle book, cause there was so much shit in there I didnt understand?? oh boy, my adolescents was very strange?? ) I scanned a bunch, but wuld be here all day uploading them...

scans from my diary 2004

it pissed down rain not long ago. It actually really pissed down rain. All my old stuff was in boxes inside the garage, (in which you would think it was safe). Water must of come flowing from everywhere and all my shit ended up shatched.. So in my attempt of saving all my memories, I got the hair dryer and sat for hours air drying each individual page.
It ended up being a most blissful experience, with every new page I sat and read and the memories came flooding back with the rain.
I will never give up writing, cause there is always some many things you forget...

loosing myself to the funnies

I just cant help myself when it comes to a good laugh..

bodysurf issue #4

ryan heywood's online zine "bodysurf" is now online.
(click on picture for link)

my art where it belongs

grooving down to stuthy's (Jacob Stuth) a few weeks back, I discovered one of my paintings that I had given him for his birthday once.
To my surprise I stood back in awe at how glamourous my painting looked amongst the ginger beer making/fish living/plant growing infestation of a man cave he has.
I grab a couple of shoots with my iphone (cause it's my phone) but shall be back to sneak a couple more with my Holga wide angle panorama. I think that will go down a treat.

Mr. Nick "nightmare" langly

a lil bit curious but still uncertain

my friend or fiend Jimbo Lee a.k.a PRESSISH
did a lil filming and a lil editing and found some wierd song and put this lil debut together.
it's my self and born legend surfer and become legend hater of surfing Nick "nightmare" langly..
check out the clip above of what nick gets up to on his smaller board.
+ how amazing is ti tree with a couple of dark n stormy's a few mates and a couple of logs.

warriors of radness

probably the best creation to ever come out of longboarding.
The marshall brothers sing long nights and creepy corners, will treat everyone like a brother and most like a lover. I love many of my friends from america but I wish I could see these guys more othen...
check out there website with their classic garments.


getting weird with the doodle pen

elaborations or collaborations..??

to create something is to inspire but to explain something is to bore. Why explain what you dont understand when you can can create what know one understands. for if you believe you might understand then maybe your part of this collaboration and not ready for the elaboration..

New Jai Lee Captain fin

This is the shape and design of my new Captain Fin coming out sometime this year? I think>??
Imagery by the famous rockabilly "Pat Capocci" (Thanks a million pat).
The fin has a bit more rake in the upper part to give it a bit more drag in the turns but still keeping the height and the base of a standard pivit noserider fin for those much needed lock in situations.
the suspense is killing me???

thought of the day

Ive heard
"that everything in life has a price"
out of all the things Ive paid for
my family is the cheapest of them all.

Captain Fin Co. Australia

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