a dawn, of a stroll

snippets of wonder, are dear
moments of amazement, unclear.
situations deep within
take snippets of moments away from sin.
based on any thought
any uncontrolled action
we stroll with what we think we know
we dance with fuel in our veins
we talk with our pupils based and glazed
fondle our deepest emotions
scare our creepiest fantasies
live expectable unsuspected
and divert all your dreams into realities.

Pat Capocci Live Again

This is a must to be on your calendar.

Pat Capocci Live Again

me girls...

this fantastic photo was taken with my holga. As you can see I forgot to roll the film over for a couple of shots.. Luckily it came out for the best..

previews of greats to look for

Here some great visuals coming soon, and may already be in your possession. I cant wait to watch all these. I do love my movies.

risen from sleep

I've escaped my eagerness to not use my computer.
Found myself back at a higher rate than usual.
When I was gone I grabbed myself a little camera by the makers of Holga.
This little beauty does not go astray.
Already taken like 20 photos and soon have them developed.
but for 50 bucks, dam it looks good on my self.

sedation has worn off

deep in my slumber, amongst the mass of life
due to strangeness and macabre.
Holding my breathe, caressing my victims
never lost sight of thee far.
Wounded, abused. Emotionally scared
pass the point of hesitation.
I found a hole, across a binary world.
step off, I can at any station.
blurry eyed, confused mind.
lets meet for a coffee or two
time tells, though now its over
was it really all true.