Nick Cave

I take pride in my heritage. I take pride in what we are, what we've come from and how far we've come in such a short amount of time. A fucking lousy bunch of convicts, taken from a small over populated county and sent here, to Australia. I thank the arrogant poms for every little second that ticks across my existence cause if it wasn't for their fucked up attitude, maybe my nose would be pierced, my skin would be spotty, pale and ghastly, and most of all I'd be a pity pom. Nothing against my friends who are english, just majority rules!! you know?

So I would like to take this moment in time and capture the essence of what makes me, ME.
I would like to scream murderous ballads and give my confusion to the lord. Take all that is mine and love all that follow.

Thanks Nick.

(Even though you don't live here much, you still hold the Australia Heritage up high)

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