Death of Bunny Munro

There is reason, yes there is! A reason that I leave this computer's side after a hard days work. There is a reason, I'm not watching youtube, documentaries and surfing. That's cause I love to read. I don't get to read that much these days, as I am the family man, bring in the coin, to fill our bellies, and catch the poo that escapes Frankies bum.
I just finished reading "The Death Of Bunny Munro". A new feature by one of my favourite people in existence, Nick Cave.
It's a much more simpler read than thought, as nick knows the many words of the english language. It's perverted, inverted, sad and motivating. It captures the inner essence of how sick a man can be, it captures the moments of his everyday. We are all really just a pack of animals anyway and we were put here to breed, some just repress while some let the devil ride and steer both heads into the abyss...Thankyou for the dreams Nick.

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