In this modern world, this modern age. We fight with all our might, fight with all we have to survive !! Though not to survive with what we do not have but to survive with what we do have. A body with a mind, with a soul? with all the complications and contradictions that ourselves create. The illusion of the existence we live in is filled with material possession and racist ways. Hilter wasn't that far off, he exploded his emotions outwards and took all his feelings into reality, defining the lives of millions and millions of people. He was a fuck wit, a true fuck wit, though he was still human and like everyone today, he murdered millions of people but the scar is what has done the most damage, the mark he has left behind.
Everyday people in this modern world, in this modern age are micro hitler's, with their words and their opinions, their fists and their feet. Destroying confidence and building ego with every step we take, every word we say and every thought we make. Yet as our ego's grow and grow the people you leave behind with the scar are the ones that you will never remember. Hitler may have done it, but we all think it.

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