I saw your shadow swinging in the morning light.
I took a photo with my mind.
A note read you had gone, you had left me
this part of evidence is all I could find.
As the apples drained down my throat
the ghaslty paleness broke across my features
I stood alone for the fisrt time, this is what you taught us.
No tears dripped acorss my face
nothing at all but a jaw to the floor
No emotion creeped from behind me
I was painless as I thought "what for?"
You've left your memory with a dash of pain
noone can remember you now.
As you swing there alone,
twisted in your own vain.
"care for us, care for us" I screamed wispers
I dont remeber taking anymore steps.
midday became the darkest part of the day.
everyone, but noone to tell as I slept.
Who knows what time drifted there after
the days that broke than dawned.
I awoke in a drowning sweat
a vicious memory that had spawned.
I let go of all air, tippy toed to the room
the clock tick n tocked 12
the glare was defently near noon.
I swear you swung there
I swear you had no breath
I swear there you where
but nothing was there nothing was left.

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