ruined red hair

down by the riverside with your ruined red hair
a pocket full of pebbles and a bottle in one hand.
with the day breaking and the night to come
your ruined red hair glows so much fun.
Your eyes seem endless, depthless and black
the door way to your soul shut tight without a crack.
your hands lay jagged and long against my chest
your witch like features are pronounced without a rest.
come, come , come , you say
let's fest before we hit the grave
and dance like children against jewelled backdrops
flirting aimlessly with creatures until we pop.
give in to all temptation, pretend were in a dream
pretend that day life is nothing like it seems
"Can we give all we have to the taker"?
the man, the myth, the savour?
and prowl in the flicker of the light
holds hands and skip around this fire without a fright.
for this modern god has nothing to do with me?
please, please, please let your guard down please!!
for me, for me, for me !!
crying she dropped to her knees
and with all my might, for the illusions I had seen
she crafted the devil into my dreams.
cause then I woke sound asleep
about one foot above my bed, counting sheep.
a mild bruise on my side, proof of the night before.
my ruined red haired witch, nowhere to be seen, "Violet" I called.
panic swept over my stride.
" did I bring her back from the graveyard" I cried
but how could have I brought her back
when I had never left the house, never walked along the track
to the centre of the forest where a fire flickers in the night.
and they all dance like children without a fright.
confused and sort of abused
I lay back down
wondering if my imagination, my dreams all bound
will bring me back my ruined red haired witch
oh I miss this ruined red haired witch.

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