2 days in.

take me on that ride

you said

take me far away

you said

and I said all I can say is

here is another bottle

to fantasise about anothers life.

though I said in gushed tones

that seconds turn to minutes

and then minutes to hours

hours become days and in a matter of time

days become years.

I said it again, that nothing is lost

I said so many times that nothing is lost

I said about how much nothing is lost cause I never had anything

to loose anyway

It's pathetic this day dream haze.

though so easy, though so fun, though so many smiles

though to many nights to think.

for why should a drunk man think?

for why should he think something he is never going to remember

cause remembering is the thought of memory

and my memory has no thought.

yet when Im drunk everything that seems to matter doesn't

and everything that doesn't matter seems to.?

its black an grey with a twist do make something blue.

it's something an misery loves company too.

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