Moments lapse as I wait for time
standing still, waiting, what the fuck?
Control yourself you fucked up smuck.
tick'n and a tock'n goes the time.
This reflection that stands so still
a laughter beats hard against this abyss
Wait a minute? there's something that Ive missed
to late now, my coffin has a chill.
Memories collapse, shuffling inner my lids
nothing moves we'll I cant move
grown to quick, trapped in my own groove.
life again flashes by when we were kids.
Aimlessly, arms out, zombie like
sedated, medicated total incontrolable
brain holes, great times so controllable
a smile to the thought that I never piked.
so dash against these walls
show posters to your screenings
so many posters with so many meanings
never we forgot how to crawl.
when time caught up, when we could walk
youth blossomed and flourished
died with the heat in a hurry.
doesn't matter cause we can talk the talk.
past tense and fast futures
lost and found memories
dont walk along this path
dont walk away in silence
without leaving your mark.

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