Compendium Maleficarum

I have read many many books on the dealings with the devil ( may I add briefly that I have never read anything from that werido "Levay" from the Church of Satan, although I have watched a few interviews with the guy and he really should have been a comedian ? hahah )
Though about 18th century witches is my love, my pain and my curiosity. My love for the understanding of nature, the adaption to the earth, the combination of herbal remedies and the unlimited source of imagination. My pain for the millions and millions that were killed and or tortured to death by the worse means possible, the innocent accusations to anyone that was an outsider, they say the devil worked his magic against the venerable, the people with need : but we all know the devil gave form from the centre of a city, the power of a town. He was the total tosser sending these woman and some men to death by the stake or some ingenious torture device everyday. This is why I cant understand how any woman could ever become involved with christianity, because it was christianity that grew by numbers while all others were being accused and murdered.
But I should stop there, that is not my point to this little story.
But I dare do say, what is wrong with imagination? What was wrong with imagination? How can one or a selected few people decide what is right and what is wrong and then condemn them to certain death.
I am just so glad we have learned from our ancestors cause if we hadn't I wouldnt be as happy as I am today.

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