something blue

Have you ever held a knife to your neck
just to pretend
Or maybe just the shine to your wrists
to help you forget
A moment of collapse when the surface is rough
oh the hard times
the pain that kills or so it is to be
why must they all see it as a crime
cause I cry in sin, I dwell in pain
a pain thats not mine
I hold myself, for i don't pretend
There's no one but everyone all at the same time
its a disease I dont want
the problem I dont want to give
and all I have is nothing
cause I have just about everything
but all I see that the others cant
is my death world of make believe
so I'll hold tight and fight the fight
with guns and knives blazing
oh hopping , oh deeply hopping
that I dont complete the ultimate sin
the ultimate crime.
this world for the depressed
is utmost confusing at the best of times.

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